About the Blog

I can't always say that I love to cook. Yes, I appreciate the creativity of cooking, I like trying new recipes, I really enjoy making food for family and friends, and I'm grateful that food connects me to my past and to other people. However, cooking sometimes feels like a chore to me. And the dishes! But what keeps me cooking is that I really enjoy eating good food. I'm definitely more interested in the end result than how I get there.

You'll note when you look at this blog that, with a few exceptions, I prefer recipes that are fairly simple. These recipes don't require a lot of time to prepare, and the lists of ingredients are generally short. Again, I'd rather spend time eating than cooking or cleaning up after cooking.

In any case, these are many of my favorite recipes. For the most part, they aren't fancy, and I won't be effusive in describing them. But I found something to love about each one. Although there are many recipes here that are worth trying, I can tell you that most of the best ones are the baked goods--the breads, the cakes, and especially the cookies! Cookies are what I started out making when I was a child, so I've gathered a lot of great recipes over the years. So start there. But I've branched out since then. After all, one can't live on bread and cookies all of the time. So there are wonderful soups, pasta dishes, etc. Give those other recipes a try as well.

By the way, people often request more photos to accompany the recipes. And I know this blog would be much better if there were fantastic photos to illustrate each dish, but since I don't intend to take up photography anytime soon, you'll just have to trust me that some of these recipes may well become some of your favorites too!