Nov 29, 2015

Fish Tacos

Growing up, I always thought that fish tacos sounded horrible! I think I had imagined something like a whole fish (eyes, skin, bones, fins, and all in a tortilla). The very thought grossed me out. But then when I actually got around to trying them, I loved them! So here is a homemade version that you can throw together very quickly. To be clear, this is less a recipe than instructions for combining already prepared ingredients, but I thought it turned to be both easy and delicious. Fish tacos will definitely be part of our meal rotation from now on.

Frozen breaded fish fillets (whatever you like), baked according to the directions
Chopped cabbage (I just used a prepared coleslaw mix)
Salad dressing (a ranch dressing would probably work, but I used a Bolthouse Farms cilantro avocado yogurt dressing)
Mango salsa (I used a commercial version)
Flour or corn tortillas

And to put this together, I simply cooked the fish fillets according to the directions and then cut them into smaller pieces to put in the tacos. And while the fish was cooking, I heated the tortillas and assembled the other ingredients. Then once the fish was done, I put a few pieces of fish on each tortilla, topped that with chopped cabbage, drizzled it with the salad dressing, and then added the mango salsa. Yum!