Mar 27, 2011

Swedish Pancakes

I should probably begin this post with three confessions. First, even though I call this a recipe blog, this post does not offer a recipe. It's more of a referral or a recommendation. Second, I can't say that I know anything about authentic Swedish pancakes, so take what I say here with a grain of salt. I think of these more as crepes. Finally, I'm probably recommending something here that you already make at home and do so easily and cheaply. I have made crepes before, and I love them, but this is a shortcut for when I'm feeling lazy.

That being said, I dropped by IKEA on a whim yesterday and found that they sell pre-made Swedish pancakes (Pannkakor) in the frozen food area. There are a dozen to a bag and each bag costs about $4.30. All you do to reheat them is to put them in the microwave for a few minutes. Voila! Then you can top them with butter, jam, maple syrup, whipped cream, fresh fruit, powdered sugar, or whatever. Actually, one of my favorite ways to serve them is to squeeze a little fresh lemon juice over the heated pancakes and then top them with butter, maple syrup, a scattering of fresh blueberries, and a dusting of powdered sugar. Delish!

I also need to try these with savory fillings/toppings. Anyway, give them a try and let me know what you think.


  1. Will try , since you have recommended this pancakes.

  2. I've seen these before and wanted to try them!